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Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a central European city lying between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, in a basin where the Ljubljanica river flows into the Sava. It has all the facilities of a modern capital, and yet it has preserved its small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere. It is a vibrant city full of surprises. Its surrounding areas, packed with natural beauty and cultural sights bearing witness to the city’s dynamic history, are renowned for their walking, hiking and cycle trails and a wide variety of culinary delights.

Ljubljana business district is a short drive away from Hotel Azul. Hotel Azul can provide taxi transport to your meeting destination.
Castle in the middle overlooking centre of Ljubljana

Ljubljana is has history, tradition, style, arts, culture, and an atmosphere that is both Central European and Mediterranean; those who know it better would also add the adjectives multilingual and hospitable. Being close to many of the major sights and attractions of Slovenia, Ljubljana can also be your starting point to discover the country’s diversity. Local residents are always ready to share some of the best experience in their daily lives with you and invite you to explore one of the smallest and most charming European capitals – a city whose name means “the beloved”.

Ljubljana is:

  • a modern and compact City with a rich heritage, just the right size to remain within human dimensions
  • a city combining facilities and efficiency of a metropolis with the relaxed ambience of smaller towns
  • a harmonious blend of Baroque, Art Nouveau and newer architectural styles
  • a city reflecting the genius of a single architect, master Joze Plecnik
  • a lively city with about 10,000 cultural events a year
  • a city crowned by a medieval castle, protected by a mighty dragon and crossed by the river of seven names
  • a city with a young and dynamic pulse, fuelled by 50,000 university students
  • a city of “Wine and Vine”, offering a range of culinary experiences – from national to international or ethnic cuisines, from slow food to fast food – the choice is yours
  • a city that loves and respects greenery – parks and forest areas spread right into the urban centre.

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